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Oh the weather outside was frightful . . .

. . . but I still managed to brave the shops in my post evil flu haze!

Freja Freja Freja. . .

Yea, pretty much A D O R E Freja Beha – the tattoos, the androgyny, the attitude. At the moment – I am seriously considering getting my hair, cut, just, like, her, in, Vogue. . .

. . .

. . .

{Photos – Alice in Wardrobe Wonderland}

Tube Moment

Considering how much I hate Wednesdays, this one has started out pretty well. I was on the tube, coming in to work, , scowling behind the new Vogue  when this cool girl asked me where I got my grey blazer from – – I told her it was a little Topshop number  – and she said, ‘well, it looks really good on you’.  I know this is a tiny incident – but it put a smile on my face before 9am, and that is a considerable feat in itself!   

It made a nice change to the grind of the daily commute – – more people should talk to each other on the tube, , , instead of using the Metro as a shield! This is probably less of a comment about the state of humanity – and more to do with someone boosting my tiny ego! Either way – thank you nice lady, whoever you are.  

Also – I am the luckiest duck because  I have, in my possession – the B E S T dress I’ve seen in a long time. . . it’s been playing on my mind for weeks on end. . It’s from Whistles, , so it  wasn’t cheap – but it is so versatile. I am basically set for the summer (mostly because I won’t be able to afford anything else for a few months!). Such a pretty colour, and probably the closest I am ever going to come to anything that looks remotely Celine/Chloe. . . Yay. 

. . .

Poo is in Vogue


Alexa - Vogue cover March 2010


OK – fun and excitement as ever because the beginning of the month means new glossies. Yay!

There was an article in this months Vogue about poo being the last remaining taboo. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much at an article in Vogue – I was laughing out loud, on the tube, during rush hour.

It was absolutely relatable, extremely witty and littered with hilariously obscure (but poo related) literary and historical references. In short – a gem of a read.

Miles more entertaining and informative than the -snore- of a piece on denim by (the usually fabulous) Ms Chung. Not sure that I’d be able to concentrate on my writing if I had those E P I C Chanel clogs to distract me.

Picture source – Knight Cat