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Bad blogger. . .

My blog is being neglected. I haven’t forgotten it (or the three people that read it!) by any means. . . I am just  D R O W N I N G in uni work at the moment. So I’m afraid posts may be sporadic for a while. In the meantime here are some pics I took of Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Bath.

San Francisco Dreams. . .

I’d really like to live in San Francisco for a bit. . .


Romans. . .

How cool are these two chaps – I spotted them on our trip to Rome earlier this year.

Captain Corelli land. . .

Here are some of my photos from Kefalonia. The place is breathtaking.

Bookish. . .

As promised – here are some pics of the books I bought in Hay on Wye – I love it when they have inscriptions from the previous owners on the inside covers. Lovely. I found some classics and I also stumbled across some of my childhood faves – Noddy and Mallory Towers.

Zakynthos. . .

Hello. Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Regular readers will know that I have started training to become an English teacher – needless to say the amount of uni work involved will mean quite sporadic posts in the coming months. But I’ll endeavour to post as often as humanly possible.

Here’s a selection of snaps from  my recent jaunt to Zakynthos, Greece.

waHay-on-Wye. . .

Here are a few pics from my jaunt to Wales. Hour upon blissful hour spent browsing second hand books. I found some gems (pics to follow soon) – – I’ll also post about some awesome bits I picked up at a Welsh car boot sale.