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A Spot of Bother . . .

Please accept my apologies for this rubbish picture – I have yet to master the tripod and I haven’t got a camera remote. But the good thing is that you can see the sweetest little granny-esque dress I got from H&M.

The belt is vintage and the ribbed grey tights are super warm and from Topshop. I finished Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith yesterday – it was really engaging all the way through thanks to a great narrator, , , but the ending was a bit ‘meh’. That is my exceedingly literary analysis!

The Outsiders Collection – Topshop

I know every blog in the whole ‘blogosphere’ is posting about the Topshop Outsiders collection – – but I can understand why. . . there are so many L U S H pieces. . .  

. . .

. . .

{Photos – Topsop.com}

Thin end of the wedge . . .

I know, I know, it’s summer – we have been waiting sooooo long for it to come – and now here I am lusting after A/W boots. . .tut tut.  

I don’t care that wedges like these may be bordering on passe – i. just. want. them. Also my bday is in October – how many more hints to I have to drop?! 

Asos AVA Suede Lace Up Wedges


Topshop ADDISON Ankle Boots

{Photos – 1. Asos 2. Topshop}

More randomness . . .

Yet more randomness. I should be deciding what to take on holiday, , so I can make an informed decision in the summer sales! I should be preparing for my teaching course. Instead I’m taking random pictures . . see below.

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

Pic # 1 – Barratts stripy pumps. Topshop floral leggings.

Pic #2 – Vintage shoes. Accessorize studded leggings.

Pic #3 – M&S coral ankle socks. Asos wedges.

Pic #4 – This months glossies.

Pic # 5/6 – Coffee table books. . . front and back. I love 50’s pin up girls!

Peachy Palette

Loving the peachy tones around at the moment  – – – spring is definitely in the shops if not in the air –

Zip Slip dress - Topshop

Cornelli Trim Tea Dress - Topshop

Drifting By dress - Anthropologie

Antique Collar Dress - t.b.a

So much so, that I spent w a y too much money on this little beauty from Karla’s Closet – –

Cris Mini Dress - Karla's Closet


Bits and Pieces

The sun has come out for the first time in months. But here is a pic I took while trapped indoors by the cold and the snow and the rain.

Vintage bag – a Christmas pressie that I love because it looks like something my gran would wear. Manly new brogues – I live in them. Long gold necklaces – one is a cute rocking horse, the other is a Grecian urn. Book – is a first edition of my favourite book in the world. Bow – is a hairband from good old reliable Topshop. YSL perfume and white Mimko hair clip.