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Go away. . .

How. Cool. Are. These? I want the ‘go away I’m reading’ one.

{The Literary Gift Company}

Cloud Nine

You may remember some mysterious comments I made in a previous post. Well I’ve had some good news so I can dispense with all the cloak and dagger. . I have been offered a place on a course to become a secondary school English Teacher. I am so pleased and relieved – W O H O O ! Really happy about the prospect of passing on my passion for a subject I love. I hope my classroom looks like this . .

Hogwarts much?!

 . . . and I hope I’ll be able to make books come alive, like this . . .


 ps. If you like that last picture – you might like this. . .



It’s been a really quiet weekend. I’ve spent most of it holed up at home reading. I attempted rainbow bookshelves recently – I wish I had more space for my ever expanding book collection. . .

My Bookshelves

Some of my old, old books.

My friends and family always buy me old books – I love them, they are so beautifully crafted and pretty. . . they just don’t make them like this any more. . .

Tennyson - circa 1935

Right, I’m off to read The Tenant of Wildfell Hall.

Happy Sunday.