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A Spot of Bother . . .

Please accept my apologies for this rubbish picture – I have yet to master the tripod and I haven’t got a camera remote. But the good thing is that you can see the sweetest little granny-esque dress I got from H&M.

The belt is vintage and the ribbed grey tights are super warm and from Topshop. I finished Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith yesterday – it was really engaging all the way through thanks to a great narrator, , , but the ending was a bit ‘meh’. That is my exceedingly literary analysis!

Pom pom socks . . .

My (phantom future imaginary) child will wear pom poms socks whether they like it or not.

. . .{Photo – The Sartorialist}

Cute as a button . . .

{Photo – The Sartorialist}

Life envy . . .

If I had to swap lives with anyone. . . it would probably be with Alix aka The Cherry Blossom Girl. . .

{The Cherry Blossom Girl}

Lush. . .

. . .


I love this.

. . .


Romans. . .

How cool are these two chaps – I spotted them on our trip to Rome earlier this year.