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I’m back – with a new hat. . .

I am back – – and nursing a bad case of the post-holiday blues. On the plus side I found the sweetest hat in a very unlikely place – a tacky souvenir shop in CY – – – what do you think? I think it looks like I should be tending roses at Howard’s End . . . ps. more holiday snaps coming soon.

. . .

Island of Aphrodite . . .

Off on my hols to the homeland on Sunday – Cyprus here we come. Going with a bunch of friends which should be fun – – and I’ll be back soon, armed with a tan and pictures galore of beach frolicking and general merriment! 

. . .


{Photo – We Heart It}

Button it

My dad is from a tiny mountain village in Cyprus:

Cypriot mountain top house

View from my grandmothers mountain top house

The house is so pretty and a veritable treasure trove of vintage trinkets. Last year I was lucky enough to get a bunch of old buttons that my great-grandmother had collected over the years. Some of them are so sweet and delicate. . I keep meaning to display them in some way. . they are too charming to languish unseen in a bowl. . .

After seeing this post from the lovely English Muse I thought that my buttons deserved their own post too. So here they are. . .

Vintage Buttons