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Cookie Monster. . .

Had the random urge to make peanut butter cookies. . . they were yummy. Can you believe my mum almost gave that plate away? Crazy talk.

. . .

Mmmmm. . . Lemon-y

I’ve had a very productive Sunday. F i n a l l y, after all my moaning. . . I cleared out my wardrobe just in time for the new season – – so that was good. I managed to fill up three black bags of clothes for the charity shop – eeek. But I think an orderly wardrobe makes for a less ‘panic buy’ attitude when shopping. . . well that’s the theory anyway(!)

Then I got an odd urge to bake a cake – so I knocked up this Lemon Drizzle Cake. Oh, the decanters behind the cake were bought from a vintage shop for my mum for mother’s day. I love them.

His Sweet Tooth

Warning – this post is full of saccharine, vomit inducing sentiments(!) 

The day of hearts and cupids has rolled around again. It shouldn’t be as much of a big deal as it is – but I am an old softie so I can’t bring myself to be against something that encourages r o m a n c e. 

As funds are tight this year I decided on a DIY Valentines. I have made the card already and as the Big V (my boyf) has a major sweet tooth, I am going to attempt to bake him a cake. One of Nigella’s cheeky numbers: 

Nigella's chocolate and raspberry heart

But then I came across this little gem on Bakerella

Big Love Butterscotch Cookie

He prefers chocolate – so I might go with Nigella’s cake but Bakerella’s m&m writing instead of raspberries? 

Oh decisions, decisions. 

(photo source: www.npr.org and www.bakerella.com)