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Mama’s got a brand new bag . . .

So, my new bag has caused me to jump on that blogging bandwagon – ‘what’s in your handbag’ .. so here goes. . .

. . .

1. How amazing is my new bag? Asos provided a new satchel for a new career .

2. Moleskine  balck notebook and red diary – I’d be lost without it!

3. Battered Ted Baker purse. Still love those gold baubles.

4. Kath Kidston card holder – my Oyster card has never looked so kitch.

5. Elle Collections mag – so lush.

6. Always got a couple of books on the go – and I never leave the house without at least one.

7. Cherry Drops (yum)

8. Rose and Almond Oil Vaseline – cannot function without some sort of Vaseline about my person, this one has a hint of colour too.

9. Benefit Dandelion blusher.

10. Mini Bourjois Blush 08.

Thin end of the wedge . . .

I know, I know, it’s summer – we have been waiting sooooo long for it to come – and now here I am lusting after A/W boots. . .tut tut.  

I don’t care that wedges like these may be bordering on passe – i. just. want. them. Also my bday is in October – how many more hints to I have to drop?! 

Asos AVA Suede Lace Up Wedges


Topshop ADDISON Ankle Boots

{Photos – 1. Asos 2. Topshop}

Peachy Peek(ish)

The Big V took some pictures of me taking pictures – so in case anyone is interested – this is what I look like (kinda)!

. . .

. . .

By the way – that skirt was the fashion  R E S U L T of Rome – I just went and bought it in black, good old ASOS.