Pic(k) of the week 27 . . .

Pretty awesome weekend. Got the chance to see the new Harry Potter film – two weeks before the rest of the world. IT. WAS. EPIC! I also managed to finally spend my £300 Selfridges vouchers given to me as a leaving pressie – muchos happy with my black patent Miu Miu loafers. How sweet are the little gold touches?!

4 responses to “Pic(k) of the week 27 . . .

  1. Those loafers are so sweet, Im getting a toothache. The gold really makes it. How was HP? Cant wait to see it! I was so ready for it to come it the second I got done watching the previous one back over Thanksgiving.

  2. So nice you saw the movie! I love to see him too, but I have to wait, i guess.

  3. You lucky, lucky thing; those shoes are gorgeous (£300 gift voucher, wowzer!) and seeing HP must’ve been very cool. x

  4. My goodness, pray tell me how? I wept at the premiere. I literally WEPT.

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