Camden Lock . . .

Back to school tomorrow. . . so I tried to make the most of the sunny bank holiday with a little trip to Camden. I haven’t been there since I was about 16. It is lovely. Buzzing and lively but still quite laid back. I didn’t take my camera so I only managed to snap a couple of IPhone pics. . . I also bought something very granny chic – a little floral carpet bag/ruck sack. I think it’s sooo adorable (albeit a little impractical!)

4 responses to “Camden Lock . . .

  1. the pictures are amazing. and i looooooove your bag 🙂

  2. your holiday trip seems really cool!
    love your bag!

  3. lovely pictures! i may have to pay a visit to camden soo, i haven’t been in ages! love the floral backpack you picked up, it’s beautiful. xx

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