Midi midi . . .

I know this pic isn’t great – (but I have ordered a tripod and a camera remote so hopefully they will improve) – but I just HAD to show you my new Tophop skirt . . . isn’t it preeeeetty? Please excuse the bad hair day!

5 responses to “Midi midi . . .

  1. Beautiful skirt !
    Happy new year to you šŸ™‚

  2. the teapot explodes

    That is super cute! Such a gorgeous colour. X

  3. it’s so pretty! can’t wait to see more photos!
    and I think I spy Zara tassel loafers! I have them in black and love them to pieces but they dig into the sides of my feet. Hopefully they’ll work themselves out soon because they go with everything!

  4. That is gorgeous! Love the colour and the length, and obviously the cut too – very pretty. We’ve got a similar style one at my work (Whistles), except it’s a short one – am v.drawn to it. Hm! x

  5. i love your outfit – it’s so feminine and elegant.

    i also really love your blog. you take wonderful photos and you present them in such a beautiful way ā™„

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