Too Cool for School . .

The colours, the muted gold touches (the woman is pulling off a glasses chain for goodness sake!), the pared down make up and the tousled topknot. E P I C.  

. . .


{Via – Vanessa Jackman} 

ps. I finally managed to get the Bloglovin icon in my sidebar – so following Peachy Keen Jelly Bean has never been easier!


10 responses to “Too Cool for School . .

  1. I love the chains on the glasses…they are fantastic! And the whole entire outfit is nothing short of perfction!

  2. looooooooooooooooooooove it!

    amazin post!!!!!!

    pls keep in touch!!!!!!!


  3. Love the sunglasses!

    Please Visit & Join


  4. great vintage look!
    and i really like her lip color ❤

  5. I am totally loving it… everything right down to her lip color. ❤

  6. I really like this outfit ! So pretty..!

  7. This is so pretty. The colour of the dress and the tan accessories. Lovely x

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