We Are Handsome. . .

There swimming costumes from We Are Handsome are B E Y O N D – waaay too cool to only wear at the beach. . . if I had one I’d wear it under everything sheer, with shorts, with jeans . . endless possibilities!

The Africa

The Los Angeles

Can you tell I’m thinking about my holiday!?

7 responses to “We Are Handsome. . .

  1. Crazy swimsuit. Don’t think I would wear it, but it is pretty hot!

  2. Those are insane designs!

  3. Really interesting designs.SarahD:)

  4. Swimwear is never original enough, so the pics you choose are really great ! 🙂

  5. Love those swimsuits Visit my blog to enter my contest I am doing currently.

  6. I love pictures on the clothes and theese costumes are so… gergous and beautiful and amazing! I like both 🙂 I would like to buy them 🙂

  7. The los angeles shot is wonderful x

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