You’re having a scarf. . .

Sorry about the really lame title pun/joke –  –  – here are some scarves done W E L L. . . I think style will elude me until I can master this . . 


. . .


. . .

. . .

. . .

{Photos: First three from The Sartorialist, last one Garance Dore}  



7 responses to “You’re having a scarf. . .

  1. I’m not very fond of scarves on me, but in others I find cool and pretty.


  2. what can is say i love scarfs!
    these ones are so nice.

  3. Beautiful!! I love scarfs used as headband!! xoxoxoxoxoo

  4. oh, i love the second photo. so classy! i need to learn how to tie mine like that.

  5. love the first pic – so beautiful!

  6. scarves are the best. i am in love with the choices on and

    lovely lovely.
    ps–love the title!!!

  7. Scarves make an outfit more elegant, every time!

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