Style on the Square

I do like watching a soap of an evening. . . Not all of them you understand – Just two. Corrie is my A B S O L U T E fave – the comedy value is immense. So I feel kinda guilty writing a post about Eastenders (which is the only other soap I watch). 

The unlikely style icon of the square is Dot Cotton – to me she is the epitome of granny chic. I love her pretty shirts always worn with a colour coordinated cardy – often sported with a necklace to match.  She accessorizes with the best of them – the abundance of pretty brooches, scarves and handbags sparkle against the otherwise grey background that is Walford. And what would evening TV be without her trademark trench coat and half smoked fag?! 

See below – what’s not to like? 

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

This last pic absolutely kills me – the duck brolly, the brooch, the nails,  the scarf peeking out and the expression on her face. . . spot on (or should that be ‘dot on'(!)) 

{Photos – Google}


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