Leo, Leo, Leo

This post was inevitable. I love Leonardo Di Caprio – he was my first teen heart throb, he  is my eternal crush. I have several A4 lever arch files with his pictures and interviews (carefully ripped out of Sugar, Bliss, Smash Hits and the like) neatly stored in plastic wallets.

I will ♥ him unconditionally, forever and ever and ever. I think his acting ability is u n d e n i a b l e and I admire his passion for his craft. {also i think he is pretttttttty so so beautiful}.

Anyway – this post isn’t just about embarrassing myself (see the folder comment) or showing my age (see the Smash Hits reference) it’s about Leo.

The bad news is, his new film Shutter Island looks brilliant, but unfortunately I have never been able to watch anything even remotely scary – because I can’t sleep afterwards. The trailer for this film made me jump up out of my seat, , ,  and the scariest part of it all is that it’ll be the first of his films that I haven’t watched. Not. Happy.

-The good news though, is that lovely Leo is on the front of Esquire this month. Yummy.

Leo on the cover of Esquire

Yummy and brooding


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