Cranky Pants

Considering the mood I’m in, it would probably be wise to avoid posting anything . .but who knows – a vent might help. 

Since January I have been feeling totally uninspired about clothes and fashion. And it seems to be reaching its peak now. . I am bored to tears with award ceremony after award ceremony, generic dress after  generic dress. Even London fashion week hasn’t managed to lift me out of the rut. I put this down to two reasons: 

-My wardrobe is a M E S S  

-The weather is so, so G R E Y that practicality has been winning over creativity for the whole of 2010 

As I only have control over one of these – I must find the motivation for a wardrobe overhaul very soon. 

Hmm – right this is all too negative – I am going to follow in the ‘blogsteps’ of tinypaperheart and make a list of the little things that I appreciate today . . . 

♥ A much needed, sweet, milky coffee – in my butterfly mug 

♥ Getting to use my cute black frilly brolly 

♥ Looking forward to my upcoming long weekend in Rome with the Big V 

 ♥ Daydreaming about what I’d like my own flat to look like  – – – – 

le blog de mechante


le blog de la mechante


le blog de la mechante

Photos taken from the fantastic Decor8 – here is the link to the Tiny Paris Apartment post. 



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