Poo is in Vogue


Alexa - Vogue cover March 2010


OK – fun and excitement as ever because the beginning of the month means new glossies. Yay!

There was an article in this months Vogue about poo being the last remaining taboo. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much at an article in Vogue – I was laughing out loud, on the tube, during rush hour.

It was absolutely relatable, extremely witty and littered with hilariously obscure (but poo related) literary and historical references. In short – a gem of a read.

Miles more entertaining and informative than the -snore- of a piece on denim by (the usually fabulous) Ms Chung. Not sure that I’d be able to concentrate on my writing if I had those E P I C Chanel clogs to distract me.

Picture source – Knight Cat


4 responses to “Poo is in Vogue

  1. i love Alexa Chung! and the Chanel clogs are adorable <333

  2. that sounds a rather odd article for vogue! i must hurry up and buy that issue myself. lovely blog btw ❤

  3. ha that’s hilarious i need to go and get mine now and see what you mean!


  4. Oh gosh… I boycott Vogue so I haven’t seen this article but I’m really tempted to read it now!

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