Bright Blue

I love taking pictures – but I’m an absolute amateur when it comes to photography. I got my first SLR for christmas and I’m learning to use it slowly but surely.  . I have booked a place on a course in March . . so hopefully my pictures will improve after that.

Yesterday – the brightness of the day and the blueness of the sky inspired me to take a picture. . . I just hope it comes across here.

my garden


8 responses to “Bright Blue

  1. hm.. nice photo..
    what slr camera type do u have?

  2. I just got my Canon SLR for Xmas too!!! And I love it. Beautiful picture, will check back for more. If you want to see some of my pics stop by my blog.

  3. same here..i’m also a newbie in photography..
    that’s a pretty great shot for a beginner 🙂

    eclectic du jour

  4. photography is a great thing to do and a great hobby!!!

  5. I like your pictures! The blue does come through. Good Lucj with your course 🙂

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